Personalised Fundraising

Out-of-the-box tools that help you create unforgettable fundraising experiences for your supporters that drive results at scale.

Registration to fundraising

A seamless, consistently branded registration to fundraising experience for all participants that minimizes drop off and guarantees an above average fundraising page activation rate. 

A stepped process immediately after registration will guide the fundraising participant through fast, simple next steps to personalize and share their page to fire off rewards immediately.

Dynamic upsell tactics can be used within the registration flow to encourage participants to achieve above average fundraising goals, and to reward and recognize key behavioral traits that drive fundraising.

Fundraising page

Giving participants a unique, hyper-personalized fundraising experience that rewards behaviours, recognizes milestones and gamifies their involvement to achieve more.

Surprise and delight

Animated suprise and delight elements will reward participants for milestones in their fundraising progress and fitness goals. Think confetti, animated gamification badges, Giphies and more. All designed to engage participants and maintain their active fundraising throughout the lead up, during and post event. 


Gamification badges visually present iconography or real-life images that can be consistent across all events, or could be specific to each, further connecting the participant to the cause they care about, through targeted behavioral based badges.

Blogs, tiktok, live streaming and more

More ways to share than ever before, fundraiser's can personalize their page and share updates collected via blog posts, TikTok, YouTube or Facebook Live, imagery, videos and more.

Take it a step further and enable live streaming on participants page during the event itself, all built in by default. 

Dollar handles

Donation amounts with imagery and descriptions will be displayed on each fundraisers page, ensuring visitors to those pages see exactly what those donations will go towards.

Dynamic nudges can be displayed to donors to upsell their donation in order to help the fundraiser reach a new milestone.  

Donor messages

Donors can leave encouraging and heartfelt messages with their donation to encourage fundraisers to keep actively fundraising to hit their target.


Through the use of clever positioning and smart data, we'll ensure fundraiser's pages are personalized through real-time stats showcasing their impact and stories of their involvement through the use of their preferred social channels. 

Reward tiers/levels

Customized reward tiers for fundraisers who achieve predefined milestones will be diplayed on their profile.

Visually change the display of a fundaisers page based on milestones, reveal hidden content, unlock merchandise from event sponsors and more. The options are endless and ensure the participant experience drives fundraising results. 

Activity tracking

In-built fitness activity tracking through Strava, Fitbit, MapMyRun and Garmin mean participants can record their training activities and display results on their profile.

Combine fitness activity tracking with triggered email and SMS, and gamification bagdes to reward and recognize fitness milestones.

The fundraiser dashboard

The control center for participants. A truly hyper-personalized fundraising experience that recognizes achievements, unlocks rewards and can closely connects participants to the cause they care about.

Reward tiers

Locked off to public view, and only accesible to registered participants, the use of reward tiers will help level up the participant's fundraising.

We'll visually change the display of a fundaisers page based on milestones, reveal hidden content, unlock merchandise from event sponsors if available and more. The options are endless and ensure the participant experience drives fundraising results. 

Fundraising stats

Real-time fundraising stats will showcase the personal achievements for participants, what's required to reached their next tier and what rewards they've unlocked to date.

Activity tracking

With fitness activity tracking enabled, you may wish to encourage participants to get some training in and continue their active fundraising. Participants can see all their training runs on a day by day basis in the lead up to the main event.

Participants can connect up multiple fitness devices (Strava, Fitbit, MapMyRun and Garmin) or manually enter their completed training activities. Fire off reward and recognition emails/SMS based on their fitness goals. 


Leaderboards can showcase both fundraising and fitness rankings and when logged into their dasboard, participants can quickly see where they're ranked within their charity, their team and within the entire event. You can display leaderboards for individuals, teams and organizations.

Messaging and emails

Pre-loaded templates for messaging and email can be accessed by participants - making the job of asking friends, family and colleagues to support their fundraising a simple and effective task.

Admins can customize these default messages, and add their own, ensuring that when the participants ask for support, thank their donors and more, that the impact of their fundraising can be clearly communicated. 

Prompts and triggers

Through the use of smart data, deliver dynamic prompts and triggered communications that help suport the participants fundraising and take it to the next level.

Through an automated sync to marketing automation tools you may already use, admins can ensure the behaviors we want to illiicit from participants to increase their fundraising, are communicated.

Automatically encourge a captain to add people to their team, remind a participant who hasn't already shared their page to do so, encourage someone who's about to hit their fundraising target to increase it and much more.