All the tools you need

Completely flexible, enterprise level fundraising tools for P2P, DIY, Social Giving, Appeals, Giving Days, Virtual Gifts and more - with native integrations to CRM, email marketing and analytics tools you already use.

Peer to Peer Events

Walks, Rides, Sleepouts, Gaming - ticketed, in person or virtual, our P2P module powers some of the most innovative, award winning and effective fundraising around the world.

Registration + Fundraising

Automatic fundraising page creation from single entry flows that enable ticketing, merchandise sales and personal donations for individuals, teams and organisations.

SMS & Email Prompts and Triggers

Setup triggers to recognize the achievements your participants are making throughout the course of their fundraising.

Mobile App & 3rd Party Fitness Devices

Empower your supporters to track their activities on the move with our native fitness integrations and whitelabel app.

Reward & Recognition Tiers

Utilize the inbuilt gamification to keep supporters engaged and actively fundraising in the lead up, during and after the campaign.

DIY & Always-On Fundraising

Help your supporters showcase their passion on your Community Fundraising Hub. Empower them to tell their story and collect donations for special occasions, in memory, personal or group challenges, workplaces, schools and more.

Registration + Fundraising

Automatic fundraising page creation and personalised registration flows for each DIY theme to cater for individuals, corporates, schools and teams.

SMS & Email Prompts and Triggers

Setup triggers to recognize the achievements your participants are making throughout the course of their fundraising.

Appeals & Regular Giving

Collect one-time and recurring gifts, and empower your supporters to manage their donations using your own branded self-service portal.

Donation Forms

Remove donation friction and drive conversion with industry leading, optimized and secure donation forms.

Recurring Giving

Optimize for recurring gifts and use upsells to encourage one-time donors to upgrade to weekly, monthly, quarterly and or annual frequencies.

Donor Portal

Empower supporters to download historical receipts, update card details, change payment dates and manage their recurring gifts.

Payment methods

Enable express donations, digital wallet, bank transfer, PayPal and non-cash payment methods.


Timed Giving Days

Create urgency through timed giving days by combining matched giving, bonus rounds, team fundraising and personalised URLs to boost revenue.

Matched Giving

Utilize partner funds for matched giving and automatically double or triple the donation.

Optimized Templates

Use proven out-of-the-box templates for pre, during and post Giving Day, or create your own.

Staged Progress

Import offline donations in the lead up, and on the day, to create momentum throughout the campaign.

Personalized URLs

Segment donors and use Personalized URLs to automatically adjust donation amounts, change content displays and pre-populate forms for fast conversion.

Virtual Gifts & Shop Sales

Utilize the inbuilt Shop module to sell merchandise and create seasonal virtual gift/ecard campaigns for supporters to by in lieu of gifts.

Unique branding

Create your shop’s look and feel with your platform’s unique branding, including your own fonts, colours, logo and more.

Seamless checkout

Give supporters a range of payment options to suit them, and include an optional donation to boost your fundraising at checkout.

Exclusive promotions

Create unique promo codes for specific events, launch sales, or to give valued supporters a discount for their patronage.


Add the personal touch to your eCards by giving the option to add the recipient’s name and a message from the sender on the virtual gift.


Out of the box support for federated, chapter and affiliate based org structures backed up with deep admin account permission levels for security and compliance.

Configure account permissions

Fine-tune permission settings for users in each account to allow users to access what they need.

Hierarchy structure

Easily manage hundreds of subaccounts with account settings that fit for your organisation.

Social Giving

Acquire new supporters with one-click Facebook fundraisers, run Virtual Challenge Events and DIY entirely in Facebook, take control of your fundraiser data and reconcile Facebook payments..

One-Click Fundraisers

Acquire supporters with a single click from Facebook ads or social posts and land supporters directly on their Facebook fundraising event, or your branded profile page on your site.

Connected Events

Enable participants on your branded site to create a Facebook fundraiser to reach their friends and keep fundraising page totals on your site in sync.

DIY Fundraising in Facebook

Run DIY fundraising on Facebook and thank your fundraisers with prebuilt email templates you control directly from your admin.

Virtual Event Group Challenges

Manage virtual challenge events entirely on Facebook and track performance in a centralised dashboard..

Marketing Tools

A complete fundraising platform for marketers to make the most of rich fundraiser and donor data.

CRM and marketing automation integrations

Sync fundraiser and donor data in real-time to marketing automation tools you already use and build out segments based on on-site behaviour, to give supporters a personalised experience.

Analytics integration

Automatic tracking on conversion metrics including donations and registrations, all you need to do is add in your google analytics, google tag manager and/or facebook pixel code and your ecommerce data will start flowing into your reports.