Case Studies

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Below is a selection of case studies hand picked for you. If you'd like more specific examples, don't hesitate to let us know - we support 1000's of enterprise level fundraising campaigns each year!

P2P Events

Royal Bank of Canada's
Race For The Kids

The Royal Bank of Canada's Race For The Kids attracts over 50 beneficiaries across the globe as participants walk, run or roll - and fundraise - as part of the global virtual community.

The site utilizes the Multi-Charity module enabling each beneficiary's payment processor to transact donations, receipt with their own registered charity number, logo and addess personalize the supporter experience. Charities's are set up as 'Events' in the platform enabling each charity to tailor the fundraising experience to set their own currency, donation amounts and more. Each charity can connect their own CRM and built-in admin account user types enable each charity to access only donor and participant data specific to their charity. 

IP detection is used to detect where the user is from and we then adjust the position of the map to to display the relevant country and local charity fundraising options.

With the event having started in 2009, we're happy to support the evolution and growth of this top tier fundraiser for the last three years and look forward to a bigger and beter 2023!

The Perkin's Medical Institute
MACA Cancer 200

The MACA Cancer 200 is a 2 day cycle event on the west coast of Australia where participants train throughout the year to take on a gruelling 200km ride.  

Innovative features to encourage referals are built into the platform where the primary member receives a capped automated reduction of their mandatory fundraising target when their invited members complete their registration.

Catering well for company participation, custom queries are used to showcase companies in different industries which drives some honest to goodness competition between sectors. VIP leaderboards, Honor Roll incentives and years participated drive the fundraising committments throughout participants experience.

Raising over 6 million annually, the MACA Cancer 200 is on the bucket list for all Australian based cycling enthusiasts. 

The Dutch Cancer Society's
Alpe d'huZes

The entire organisation of Alpe d'HuZes is run by professionals who work as volunteers with each donation benefitting cancer research and improving the quality of life of people with cancer.

Taking place in June each year, Europe's largest fundraising event - the Alp d'huZes - sees 5,000 participants each day biking, hiking or running the Alpe d'Huez mountain in France under the motto 'giving up is not an option'.

Enabling varying entrant types to participate such as riders, teams, volunteers and more, the Alp d'huZes platform caters to native Dutch, English and French language speakers. Mandatory fundraising targets ensures each participant raises over €2,500 - and if you're not pulling your fundraising weight then your place on the event will be replaced by someone who will!

This exclusive, at least once in a lifetime event experience, is a gruelling, emotional and ultimately rewarding 2 days that you'll never forget.

DIY / Community Fundraising

Greenpeace Canada's

A solid DIY fundraising platform by Greenpeace Canada utilizing the #Because postioning. 4 key DIY themes have been set up (Challenge Yourself, Donate Your Day, Do What You Love and Get Moving) to provide relevant fundraising experiences to supporters who choose to fundraise their own way.

Each DIY theme contains specific questions within the regisration flow that relate to the type of fundraising, with those who prefer to Get Moving being prompted to connect one of the buil-in fitness apps and record their distance, and those choosing to 'Donate Their Day' being prompted to add a date/time and location - data which can then be utilized for segmentation in automated comms journey's.

The site utilizes the multi-lingual module where supporters can choose between French and English for their entire fundraising experience.   

Cancer Council's
Do It For Cancer

Do It For Cancer empowers those affected by cancer to fundraise to find a cure. Supporters create their own campaign, whether that be hosting an event, doing something sporty, quitting a bad habit or more.

The multi-charity module allows this Australian federated nonprofit to have the state Cancer Council charity receipt donations based on the location of the fundraiser, and have funds deposited into each state's bank account daily.

The Dutch Cancer Society's

Actions, or Acties in Dutch, is KWF's fully immersive DIY Fundraising platform. The site enables individuals, corporates and clubs to create their own fundraising event from more than 23 different DIY variations ranging from an individual hosting their own dinner through to a company celebrating the birthday of a staff member.

Visual indicators showcase leading fundraisers by amount raised through celebrating their personal images in larger formats, and colour coding of the three primary participant types (individuals, corporates and clubs) ensures a intuitive user experience for supporters to find a fundraiser to support. 

The Wall of Fame highlights the special efforts of those fundraisers who have achieved over €1,000 in donations.

Great planning to begin with from the KWF team ensured a world leading DIY Fundraising experience for their super passionate supporter base. 

Custom Fundraising Experiences

Heart Foundation Australia's Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope For Heart is a skipping event targeted at primary school students to keep active and fundraise to support those affected by heart disease.

Three primary audience types are catered for through a combination of out-of-the-box features and custom development, for Field Officers, Teachers and Parents. 

Field officers are a simple user type enabled within the platform and have the permissions to manage schools and teachers and have a restricted user type allowing access to the platform's main admin area. Field Officers are also associated with Regions and can manage Schools which are part of their region.

Teachers go through a 2 step process which enables them to sign up their school with additional teachers from the same shool going through a seperate workflow approval process where their record is kept in draft until the main teacher approves them. Teachers have access to the bespoke teacher portal where they are able to view activities and award prizes to students.

Parents sign up their children to schools and manage their fundraising page and dashboards with a number of elements being built-in to ensure the privacy of students is maintained such as encrypted URLs and never displaying the full name of the students publicly.

Pieta House's
Darkness Into Light

Each year in May, over 200,000 people walk from Darkness Into Light at more than 200 venues in 19 countries before dawn, crossing the finish line as the sun begins to rise - with funds raised going to support free counselling sessions for people who are in suicidal crisis, people who are self-harming, and those who have been bereaved by suicide.

The combined frontend website, event ticketing and fundraising runs off Pieta House's Funraisin platform. Entrants select the venue they will be attending (with ticketing amounts and fundraising in their local currency) and then jump into the registration flow to choose their ticket type (General Registration, Corporates and Schools). For those in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, where complimentary event T-shirts are posted out in advance, they can also choose to cover the cost of postage and packing, invite and pay for friends/colleagues/students and make a personal donation to Pieta House in a single transaction flow.

Venue landing pages dynamically pull in the number of participants and amount raised from previous years, while venues outside of the 'island of Ireland' showcase the local international charity partners and where funds collected from the local event will be directed to. Each venue organiser has access to an event specific dashboard highlighting key statistics from their venue, such as the number of participants attending, broken down by different member types (adults, students, children aged 6-17 years and 0-5 years, etc), total fundraising and more. Custom dashboards and reports are utilised by Pieta House for tracking YoY registration numbers, merchandise sales, tickets sold, fundraising pages created and more from a global level with the ability to view the same statistics on a venue level.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance's

Cerebral Palsy Alliance's (CPA) annual Steptember campaign spans 5 countries and raises of $25mil annually. A custom integration with a bespoke mobile app which allows supporters to record their steps flows automaically through to their fundraising pages, with a return path of data for fundraising information back to the app to notify participants via an in-app experience.

CPA utilize their Funraisin platform's open API to integrate with their marketing automation tool, Marketo via a custom sync. Built-in Matched Giving is utilized throughout the campaign on key milestones and the display of those matched donations from corporate partners are done on the fundraisers pages directly.

Funraisin started working with the Steptember campaign 3 years ago and has seen the fundraising from this event grow from $5mil to now over $25 annually. The event has a laser focus on corporate partnerships and uses the Organization Pages module to display staff numbers, fundraising and fitness stats automatically.

MS Society's

The yearly fundraising event, MS Readathon, is etched into many peoples memories, having been in market for more than 40 years. In 2018 the brand was re-imagined and it's been awesome to see this iconic childhood event's resurgence with a modern look and feel, using interactive features designed to inspire kids to read while helping those with multiple sclerosis.

Thousands of schools (setup as 'events' on the platform) were pre-loaded allowing teachers, parents and students to simply start typing in their school name and register. Students are encouraged to log their reading activity (utilising the built-in fundraiser blog), fundraise and earn rewards.  

Gamification uses a combination of fundraising incentives and number of books read to keep parents and students actively fundraising throughout the August campaign. School landing pages show the number of students participating and total books read, encouraging some friendly competition between schools. The Reading Corner allows participants to review and rate books by entering the book, or author name, which pulls in a feed from book retailer Booktopia, to dynamically display the book cover artwork against their review.