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We're on a mission. YOURS

Our customers are tackling some of the world's biggest issues from protecting our planet and solving worldwide hunger to eradicating cancer. And we're with them all the way.

Product Released

Raised Annually

Offices Worldwide

Strong Team


Weekday Support

Supported by our wider 75 strong team across 5 International Offices

Diverse, fun, and passionate fundraising software professionals who bring a deep understanding of online fundraising and user experience.

Our talented have come from world-renowned tech giants, the highest awarded digital agencies and from inside some of the world's largest leading nonprofits.

Follow the Sun Support

We have a global team of in-house technical support specialists. Our response times globally are under 2hrs and tickets are usually resolved within 4-8hrs, depending on complexity. We operate an in-platform ticket service, a deep online knowledge base, live chat and phone lines and ensure you have a dedicated partnerships management team on hand.

•  24hr Weekday technical support.
•  Customer Success Team
•  Charity Partnership Team.
•  Product development/Engineering Team.
•  Project Managers and Professional Services.
•  Critical issue support 24/7.

High touch: responsive and friendly team of specialists that you know by name

Proactive Support

•  Monitoring, analysis and optimisation.
•  Identify patterns to deliver further training.
•  Feedback to product team for feature development.

Reactive Support

•  Integrated support ticketing system.
•  24 hour support with rapid triage of tickets by team lead.
•  Design enhancements - lead by award winning design team.
•  Agile 2 week sprints for non critical bug fixes.
•  Integrations - rapid escalation to tech team.
•  Fraudulent transactions - Stripe Radar, email blacklist, IP blocking.
•  All sites are monitored in real time we are on hand to block users if need be.
•  Effective and efficient communication.


  • Dedicated site specific team training
  • Self-serve learning.
  • Automated booking system.
  • Masterclasses - on demand webinars.
  • ‘Ask us anything’ Town Hall sessions.
  • Webinars for new feature releases.

Training journey delivered based on job function

  • Supporter care.
  • Event management.
  • Data exports and reporting.
  • Finance.
  • Content management.

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